Episode 11
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Will Allred

Does Effectiveness BEAT Efficiency?

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

In today's episode, Adam & Dale are joined by Will Allred, Co-Founder & COO of

Lavender is the #1 AI Sales Email Coach. It assists you in real-time. Helping you to get more positive replies and write better emails, faster.

By analyzing 100s of millions of sales emails in the B2B and B2C space - it's safe to say Will and the team at Lavender have some INCREDIBLE insights.

In this episode, Will shares his thoughts on:

Effectiveness vs Efficiency - how companies should balance hitting metrics against being humans.How SDRs / BDRs and AEs can use 1st and 3rd party data to solve the 'puzzle' of breaking through to prospects.Why companies NEED to have their employees talk to customers, and the importance of working cross-functionally as an organization.If you're in a "Go-to-market" role  (like SDRs/BDRs, Account Executives, Sales Leaders, and Founders) in the B2B industry, Will's insights will be incredibly valuable for you!

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