Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski have been high performers in tech sales for over two decades each. With experience spanning over 25 different startups, across 5 countries, ranging from SMB to F500 sales, they’ve led teams to sell over $425MM and have led teams from 10 to over 150 revenue professionals. They both deeply understand the unique pressure a startup environment brings, and know how to collaborate with founders and revenue leaders to build a successful foundation.


As both speakers and revenue leaders, Adam & Dale bring their incredible podcast dynamic live to your team, sharing the secrets and strategies they’ve built for companies looking to transition from founder-led sales, or take their existing sales motion to the next level. Motivation is so important in sales and Adam & Dale know how to speak the language your team understands, getting them excited to have their best year yet.

They both frequently speak at conferences and workshops. In addition to hosting their own podcast (Revenue Reimagined) they are also  frequent guests on Top 100 podcasts. Most recently, Adam was named a Demand base Top 25 Sales Executive to follow.

Sales events are mission critical to drive top line results. And your upcoming sales gathering will be even more powerful by setting the right tone, delivering an inspiring message sharing actionable takeaways by selecting the perfect sales keynote speaker(s). Adam and Dale are entrepreneurs, podcast hosts, keynote speakers and successful multi-time sales leaders that speak from their own experience, science-backed research and illuminating case studies that are sure to engage your audience.

As sales keynote speakers, Adam and Dale are inspiring to sales teams, but beyond the inspiration, are real success stories that your sales teams can learn from and apply directly into their approach. Such dramatic results aren’t easy though, especially in a world increasingly packed with uncertainty with tech disruption, budget concerns, pandemic fallout and even global instability. It can leave sales teams overwhelmed, uncertain and fighting for survival during good economic times and bad. Adam and Dale share their personal sales success journey and their love of startups. A key part of that success is due to studying pitching, presenting and selling first for themselves before helping thousands of other sales professionals reach an even greater potential.

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