Over the next several months:

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They started The Revenue Reimagined  Podcast.

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It reached the top 10% of pods in the US.

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And, they launched a boutique GTM agency for founders and revenue leaders who are struggling to build and scale their revenue engines

With two different styles but a shared vision of driving growth without complication, they bring a unique multi-faceted approach to the startups they serve. Throughout these engagements, their clients receive exponential value because they look at challenges differently yet align on the best approach for each specific situation

Revenue Reimagined is a boutique GTM consulting practice for founders and revenue leaders of B2B companies who need to evolve from founder-led sales and build a world-class GTM org.

As of Q4-2023, we have created millions of dollars of net new value across multiple B2B companies using our proven and customized frameworks.

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Recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice for startups, Adam has spent the past decade and a half building and scaling multiple high-growth B2B companies to over $100M+ in ARR across different industries in the US, and has been part of two successful exits.

These incredible results have been achieved due to a dynamic and data-driven approach to go-to-market and leadership. Bringing a unique and customized approach to each organization served, Adam stands by one principle more than anything else: You cannot rely on a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach.

Growing up in Las Vegas, NV (yes, people actually do live there), Adam moved to Florida in 1998 and has called it “home” since, despite his incessant need to travel.

After a brief stint in radio Adam made the transition to sales, determined to prove that “sales” was not a dirty word. Throughout his almost 20-year career, he quickly rose from top-performing AE to a 7x executive sales leader, leading teams that have generated hundreds of millions in ARR.

Adam is passionate about culture-driven sales leadership & team development, and enjoys working with founders and sales leaders of all varieties. Throughout his leadership career, He’s hired over 450 sales professionals and is honored to have internally promoted 36 individuals and counting.

In his free time, he enjoys busting Dale’s chops, traveling the world, finding the best food each destination has to offer, spending time with his incredible son Zachary, wife Krystal, and their mini Goldendoodle Cooper.

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Dale has been collaborating with founders for over two decades driving over 150+ MM in revenue.  Starting his career as a developer and getting an MBA (with a concentration in entrepreneurship) enabled Dale to help founders navigate the challenging world of go-to-market.  As Dale worked with customers, it was apparent that there was a better way to deliver value to customers - it was not about the “sale” it was about the “delivery”

Working a majority of his career in Enterprise and Mid-Market technology sales, Dale has worked with founders from six different countries including Holland, Spain, UK, Canada, Australia and the US.  Understanding different cultures and enabling excellence from different industries ensures that founders are innovating and staying ahead of trends for the market they are providing value for.

Dale grew up in the northeast and spent a majority of his college life and early career in the Boston area where he was introduced to the startup world.  Before he worked in sales, Dale implemented software and wrote code for some of the largest publishing companies, it was during this time that he realized that sales was broken and there must be a better way to deliver value to the customers.

Moving to Florida with his wife Kristen and children Sienna and Colten, Dale has wanted to collaborate with more founders and revenue leaders to ensure their ideas and products/services have the opportunity to be successful by building a sustainable revenue engine. Too many great ideas, products and services never get off the ground, but we can help change this trajectory.

In his free time, Dale enjoys spending time with his family (including their dog Misty and cat Keiko), boating, playing golf, playing pickleball and biohacking!


Jake Reni is a highly experienced B2B SaaS executive and sales coach with over two decades of experience shaping the high-tech enterprise sales landscape. He has an impressive track record of spearheading the Global Adobe Sales Academy and catalyzing growth in startups from $1M to $250M+.

He has earned recognition as a Top Sales Voice on LinkedIn, a Gartner Sales Community Ambassador, and an esteemed board member of Utah Women in Sales. As a guest lecturer for Utah State University's ProSales program and an entrepreneurship and business mentor for the local Wasatch High School CAPs program, Jake passionately shares his expertise, showcasing his commitment to the development of the next generation of sales professionals.

His unique coaching style is both direct and nurturing. He is committed to helping his clients become principled leaders, through a philosophical approach of placing life's core principles over people.

Jake's upbringing is a blend of different cultures and experiences, as he was raised by a mother from the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao and a father from the picturesque hills of Tuscany, Italy. His first-generation heritage has instilled in him the resilience and tenacity that he brings to his work every day.

In 2007, Jake married the love of his life, Wendy Lewis, in San Diego, CA. Later in 2012, they moved back to Midway, Utah, where they're currently raising their two amazing and fun boys, Dash and Milo. In his free time he loves to adventure with his family outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, camping, fly fishing, snowboarding, wake surfing, and honoring his roots by cooking authentic Italian food.

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