Episode 19
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Kevin (KD) Dorsey

The Impact of AI on Sales

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

Sales is dead 💀and sales professionals are the ones that killed it - according to Kevin "KD" Dorsey that is. In today's episode, we're joined by Kevin "KD" Dorsey, the SVP of Sales & Partnerships at Bench Accounting, and host of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast.

KD shares how he got started in sales and how sales professionals have turned into marketers - which is killing the profession. Automations and Artificial Intelligence are going after sales jobs, and KD shares how he trains his teams to actually sell, not market. Any SDR, BDR, Account Executive, or other sales leader will benefit from hearing KD's approach on how he trains his sellers to master psychology.

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