Episode 15
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Josh Roth

Shifting FOCUS to Your Customers in Sales

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

Join us for today's episode where Josh Roth, Director of Revenue at Lob and a Top Sales Voice on LinkedIn.

Josh shares his entire playbook that focuses on CUSTOMERS and how important they are to the entire organization.

His journey started as an Inside Sales Rep for the New York Mets, where he dove DEEP into the data, to learn more about his territory.

That propelled him to make 1,800 customer visits in 1 year for the Mets, and making sure he valued ALL of his customers, and eventually become an Enterprise Account Executive.

This customer-focused selling carried Josh from the Mets to multiple Head of Sales, Investor, and Advisor roles for companies in the B2B tech industry.Join us as he fully unpacks how sales professionals can shift their focus and work with their customers for the long term.

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