Episode 6
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Kyle Coleman

From Obstacles to Success: Kyle's Journey to Revenue Growth in B2B Tech

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

Discover the secrets to successful outbound sales strategies and the future

of revenue generation in the B2B tech industry. Join Kyle Coleman as he

shares his insights on personalized outreach, adapting to change, and the

importance of customer retention.

Here's some more info on our guest, Kyle:

Meet Kyle Coleman, a seasoned expert carrying an inspiring journey in the

world of B2B tech that began in 2013 with a small firm named Looker. He

built the formidable SDR team from being the 6th employee to overseeing a

division of 70 bright talents helping scale the company from an initial ARR of

hundred thousand dollars to a whopping 110 million. The sheer dedication

and strategic acumen led Looker to be finally acquired by Google, valuing the

firm at 2.6 billion. He currently holds the coveted position of SVP of

marketing at Clari, where he applies his diverse experience and persuasive

skills to lead the marketing and SDR teams.

"I want to own my work so that I can take responsibility

for the failures or the successes. And if I fail, I at least

want to fail doing it my way. " - Kyle Coleman

In this episode, you will be able to:

Uncover innovative methods to improve your outbound sales in a changing marketplace. Recognize the relevance of tailoring sales strategies to nurture

meaningful relationships. Explore emerging trends in generating income to stay one step ahead.Appreciate the art of customer retention to secure and increase

revenue. Master the practice of maintaining a regular revenue beat that

ensures long-term fiscal health. Learn original and personalized approaches in salesIn an era where technology and digitization dominate, maintaining original

and personalized approaches in sales is imperative for revenue growth. This

entails hiring SDRs from diverse backgrounds, training them extensively, and

empowering them to experiment, thereby enhancing their abilities to craft

personalized, research-driven messages.

Essentially, the objective is to

transform the SDR role and make it about creating meaningful connections

with potential clients and customers.

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