Episode 4
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John Barrows

AI-Driven Sales Success: AI Strategies for Sales Professionals to Implement Today

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

In a world where everyone is talking about AI, John Barrows goes even deeper on AI's impact on sales professionals. This episode gives even more perspectives on what average reps need to think about and how great reps can leverage AI to become even better

In this episode, you will be able to:

- Dive into how AI is reshaping sales roles.

- Uncover the role of AI as a mental health aid.

- Grasp the essentials of streamlining your sales tech stack.

- Develop efficient strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

- Delve into the futuristic approach of Revenue Operations.

Here's a little bit of info on our guest, John Barrows:

We introduce John Barrows, a sales titan who serves as CEO at JB Sales. His

primary focus rests on enhancing the sales profession through powerful

training programs, content creation, and events organization, a testament to

his holistic approach to sales. A man of action, John still prospects and

oversees his deals, his belief in experiencing the sales journey firsthand

resonating within his methodologies. John's influence transcends professional

realms, with his Amazon bestselling children's book, "I Want to be in Sales

when I grow up",  marking his versatility.

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