Episode 42
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Dave Kennett

AI Coaching for Sales Reps. Can It Work?

Hosted by Adam Jay and Dale Zwizinski, Revenue Reimagined is a podcast designed for founders and revenue leaders looking to uncomplicate their revenue engines.

We're joined by Dave Kennett, Founder & CEO at ReplayzIQ.

Dave Kennett is the Founder & CEO of ReplayzIQ, a sales call intelligence solution for software sales teams.

Dave is a seasoned software sales executive and GTM advisor who is passionate about helping sales teams reach their full potential. His diverse career experience ranges from leading sales teams and scaling revenue growth in early to late-stage startups to holding senior positions at notable firms such as W.W. Grainger and Autotrader.

During today's show, Dave shares his secrets on:

- embracing AI and using it to drive innovation

- a crawl, walk, run approach to funding and growth

- product market fit and what that ACTUALLY means

Any founder, entrepreneur, or business leader can steal the lessons Dave shares in this episode and use them for their own success.

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